configuration (file)

A YAML file generated by reprozip trace and read by reprozip pack. It can be edited before creating the package to control which files are to be included. It also contain other metadata used during reproduction. See Editing the Configuration File.

distribution package

A software component installed by the Linux distribution’s package manager. ReproZip tries to identify from which distribution package each file comes; this allows the reproducer to install the software from his distribution’s package manager instead of extracting the files from the .rpz file.

bundle (or pack)

A .rpz file generated by reprozip pack, containing all the files and metadata required to reproduce the experiment on another machine. See Using reprozip.


A single command line traced by reprozip trace [--continue]. Multiple commands can be traced successively before creating the bundle; the reproducer will be able to run them separately using reprounzip <unpacker> run <directory> <run-id>.

software package

The same as a distribution package.


A plugin for the reprounzip component that reproduces an experiment from a .rpz bundle. The unpackers chroot, directory, and installpkgs are distributed with reprounzip; others come in separate packages (reprounzip-docker and reprounzip-vagrant). See Unpackers.